How Long Should You Take Before Servicing Your Car in Australia?

How Long Should You Take Before Servicing Your Car in Australia?

Getting car service Sydney, Australia, is easy thanks to the hundreds of mechanics in different parts of town. However, it is easy to put off car service. To you, your car might seem fine as long as it is not making any noises. However, your car service Gold Coast might see more.

Many things can go wrong when you do not take your car to a mechanic often. One of the negative effects of failing to have your car well maintained is fuel economy. Your car will burn more fuel when the engine or fuel pump is not in tip top shape. A long time without service, and you increase the risk of total mechanical failure.

You also risk your car warranty when you take a long time in between car service. For instance, putting off radiator repair, Alternator or clutch kit repair, you put your car at risk of total failure and this may make your warranty void. As such, get that radiator repaired at the first signs of malfunction.

On average, you need to take your car to a qualified mechanic after six months or after driving for 10,000km – whichever is first. During that service, your mechanic will check different parts of your car, including starter motor, oil, normal wear and tear, filters, and everything else. Also note that, cars are different and manufacturers might recommend different service periods.

Irrespective of what your manufacturer says, your car should not go more than a year without service. If your car is a Mazda, look for Mazda service near where you live immediately you realize your car needs service. Alternate between minor and major car services to ensure your car is always in good shape. Always remember that modern cars need more service due to their complexity, and parts such as power steering.

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